The Death of Gaddafi compared to ZA Bhutto & Shah Faisal

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(Post authored by Talha Kareem)

INTRO: In this post, we compare the deaths of three men who sought to bring together and strengthen the Muslim world, namely:
1. Shah Faisal
2. Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto
3. Muammar Gaddafi
Their deaths were so cleverly executed that very few people see how they were interlinked and associated. We compare them briefly below.

       Gaddafi is now dead and his 42 years of “DICTATORSHIP” has finally come to an end making the country “free”. NTC has been announcing liberation of Libya and people are celebrating in the streets.
           But what are they celebrating?? This is a question that intrigues me and many others. Was Gaddafi that unjust? Was he cruel enough to kill his own people? Did he really commit all those war crimes he is being accused off? Or was he just the "CULPRIT" of challenging western interests?

       This brutal killing of Gaddafi takes me back the OIC (Organization of the Islamic Cooperation) meeting in Lahore that presumably was to mark the start of new Islamic era - an era that promised a bright future for all the Muslim countries and their people. Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto was the brain behind it; Shah Faisal of Saudia Arabia who served the Holy Ka’aba was the bond to hold Muslims together; and Gaddafi appeared as a strong financial support for Pakistan, in his own words, “the Fort of Islam”. Gaddafi also made candid speeches in favour of Pakistan at the event, that made him dear to the Pakistanis and later ZA Bhutto renamed National Stadium Lahore to Gaddafi stadium. 

   This alliance of Muslim countries was a remarkable thing itself and unique of its kind. It is a rare event for the heads of all Muslim states to come together, make aims and offer prayers together. A picture of the founding members of the OIC at Badshahi Mosque Lahore is shown below:

     But it was not long before each and every plan came down pounding and ended in the assassination of Shah Faisal and execution of Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto.


       Shah Faisal of KSA was one of the most popular figures at that time, he made heart warming speeches pursuing the unity of the Muslims and wanted to summon a Jihad to free the Masjid Al Aqsa . In one of his historical speeches made, he urged his people that death is imminent and it would be the best thing to die protecting the Holy places. 

       After the victory of Israel in Holy Land, he sought to increase the strength of his army and even withdrew Saudi oil from world market in 1974 leading to a major rise in prices a term referred to as "OIL WEAPON" as this action lead to a major energy crisis in the world. It was not long after such actions that King Faisal was shot dead by his own nephew Faisal Bin Musad. Since his trial was not made public so no one can tell the precise reason he murdered Shah Faisal. He might have wanted to avenge the death of his elder brother Khalid who was a drug dealer and when security forces tried to arrest him he resisted that ended in his killing. This may be true but still speculations about the involvement of west can also not be denied after the aggressive actions he had been taking in recent times. Still his assassination was a grave loss not only to KSA but to the whole of Islamic world. This assassination indeed severed the bond that was holding Muslim nations together. 


                   The assassination of Shah Faisal did not end the story. There was another man who was a constant pain in the neck for the westerners were Mr. ZA Bhutto. Firstly he was the unanimous chairman of OIC; secondly on account of nuclear missiles test by India in 1974 he had decided to start Uranium enrichment in Pakistan. Material for Nuclear power plant was provided to India by the Westerners and no sanctions were applied. This offended him and he indeed started the nuclear programme of Pakistan .This was something not welcomed by the West and led to serious conflicts between US and Pakistan .The movement of PNA against ZA Bhutto is also said to be cultured as while addressing a public gathering in Raja Bazaar, Rawalpindi, he showed a letter written to him by the US President Gerald Fold (who threatened ZA Bhutto that they would make a horrible example of him if he did not shut down his nuclear programme) and also spoke in a harsh tone addressing the Americans that see despite your all conspiracies he was still there (but sadly not for long).

     (NOTE: People wrongly believe it was Henry Kissinger rather than Gerald Fold who had written the letter. Our personal verification from Bhutto’s book “IF I AM KILLED” led us to the truth. (Some people have stated in their articles that there is no mention of this event in that book, we suggest them to read the book for themselves rather than relying on rumours alone.)

        On July 5, 1977, his government was toppled by General Zia ul Haq, Chief of Army at that time. What happened next was quite unexpected for the people of Pakistan. ZA Bhutto was tried for a murder conspiracy case and was sentenced to death by a very controversial bench of Supreme Court with Justice Anwaar ul Haq as the judge, even though Irada-e-qatl (Conspiracy of murder) does not carry the penalty of death. We do not have any source to verify whether or not Bhutto had planned someone’s murder, but even then, the decision of the court was wrong.

        Later, Zia ul Haq became the wartime ally of US and helped US beat USSR in Afghanistan .Thus using one of ours west succeeded AGAIN in getting rid of what we call one of the most popular leaders in Pakistan and the world. 

          Gaddafi's jet was standing there the whole time pleading to General Zia to hand him over ZA Bhutto. He even tried to assure him that ZA Bhutto will never return to Pakistan to challenge your political power but do not execute him as he is very important for the integrity of Islamic world but General Zia would not listen. It’s also a fact that General Zia was the guilty of breaking 1973 constitution and it is clearly written in this constitution that anyone who breaks it should be executed and so he was not at all ready to take any chances. The execution of ZA Bhutto put an end to the great movement initiated by the leading Muslim leaders to create a strong Muslim block.

             During this whole time Gaddafi was not left alone either. He was anti Israel and did envisage that US and its western allies were constantly supporting anti Gaddafi forces in Libya. Indeed he took some serious steps demonstrating his hatred against them. He supported the Jihadi activists in Palestine and Syria. He also supported Red Army and Red Brigades and even praised the attacks on Rome and Vienna airports in 1985. Apart from this US and Libya had a number of conflicts over the years like the Gulf of Sidra, the Libyan attempt to gain nuclear power and the Libyan occupation of Chad. US and Libya also had a number of military skirmishes until in 1986 when a major offensive was launched by Regan dropping over 60 tons of ammo, most of which missed the army instalments and destructed the residential areas .After these bombings people of Libya were quite against Gaddafi though things got better later on .Now Gaddafi reign has been ended in so called 'LIBERATION OF LIBYA ' but was it for real a public uprising? Or Gaddafi just lost a media war. Media did show people celebrating his death but did media showed about a million people who organized a rally in favour of Gaddafi on 1st July 2011. It was the same protest in which Gaddafi asked the western leaders not to bomb his cities and just watch this huge crowd of men, women and children who were there in his support. I want the readers to have a look at it. One may say that they were paid but believe me the passion and zeal never comes from money 

            Now let us see the Arab media that was covering this whole story. 'Al-Jazeera' from Qatar. It perhaps is shocking enough that the director of Al-Jazeera Wadah Khanfar has resigned after wikileaks published documents that showed that he was backed by the US government to show biased coverage of the Iraq war. Wadah had been running the channel for 8 years and this channel played a major role in uprisings of Egypt and Tunis. It was even more aggressive in its focus on the regime of Col. Muammar el-Qaddafi and the struggles of what it called “freedom fighters” in Libya, where Qatar came to play a major role in supporting the rebellion. After all these events Al Jazeera is now under strict scrutiny in the Middle East. I think this makes it simple to understand that whether they were FREEDOM FIGHTERS or foreign aided REBELS. I think this NTC thing against Gaddafi is quite similar to PNA against Bhutto. If Gaddafi was so bad than why is US not attacking Karimov (head of Uzbekistan) who has been strangling hold on his people .Had been re electing himself through "neither free nor fair elections” in America's own words. He had been left alone only because he is an ally of US in war against terror? I think US should consider the option of "LIBERATING" Uzbekistan too. To be honest US had been supporting a number of monarchs for its own use . There is a long list of dictators who were completely void of democracy yet they were supported for their alliance with US. Why go far. General Zia is a perfect example. He was a pure dictator, violated the constitution of Pakistan, stripped the people of their basic rights but still was all time favourite for US due to his tremendous support in war against USSR. So why Gaddafi? He was good enough for his people. In 2009 his country had a GDP of about 10000$ which is a lot more than many other developing countries of the world. Even if it is envisaged that Gaddafi was the major culprit here why wasn’t he captured alive and tried for his crimes. It is said that he bombed his own people, killed thousands against him, and the most ridiculous thing that Tripoli fell without any sort of resistance. This is what Al Jazeera says. Let’s see the MULTITUDE OF FACTS that journalist Lizzy Phelan revealed, based on her Libyan Experiences in October 2011

NOTE: The YouTube video was removed, so please follow this alternative link:                                                      

               If Gaddafi was that bad and most of the people hated him, why bury him in an unknown location in a desert? Why not bury him in Tripoli? Doesn’t this imply that NTC chiefs were too afraid to have a dead lion in their vicinity? Gaddafi's death has put an end to the movement started in 1974, a movement that ended by the people among us, repeating our history of betraying our people for personal interests. But these traitors should remember the fate of all the others. Mir Jafir was dethroned by the British themselves, Abu al Qasim of Spain was killed by the Spanish forces; Abu Abdullah of Spain was exiled. Let us see what happens of this NTC. They did nothing different than the other traitors so hopefully their fate won’t be different either.

(Read more about Gaddafi's death in our post:
A matter of Gold Dinar: Libyan Revolution synonymous to USA's drama of WMD's in Iraq!)
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In this post, we compare the deaths of three men who sought to bring together and strengthen the Muslim world, namely:
1. Shah Faisal
2. Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto
3. Muammar Gaddafi
Their deaths were so cleverly executed that very few people see how they were interlinked and associated. We compare them briefly below.

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it is very informative. it is a totally new perspective. welldone.

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Really a unique perspective!

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an exceptional point of view linking these 3 people! well done

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